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Building Projects

This is the list of different building projects that we are working on in the process of building up our homestead.  Everything will obviously be going on a little at a time as we can only do so much, plus we have to look at what is a higher priority.  Some things, while they may be very useful, aren't a super high priority since we were able to get along without them for a good while.  Thats what has to be done when having a million projects going on all at the same time.  Under most circumstances, we don't need a whole lot of building stuff, we are trying to get as close to a minimalist type lifestyle as we can (which in and of itself is a slow process, given the materialistic basis of the modern lifestyle).  The house is a small trailer house, anything we do build is for absolute practical purposes (no oversized, extravagant crap here).  To sum it up, don't expect to see too much action here, compared to the other areas of our site.  To be perfectly honest, alternate energy and transportation are at a higher priority since they tend to be the highest cost things going on in our life.  Unless we reverted back to the stone age, we will have to use the modern crap (which right now costs money), so the best thing we can do is come up with a cheaper alternative to what is current.  Well enough with the babbling, here are our building projects.... 

- The Storage Shed

- The Deck - New 2007!!!

When you want something built right, build it yourself.