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Our Products

Here are all of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.

Our interest in alternative energy has lead us to research ways to cheaply reproduce the many high priced devices that are available commercially to help one achieve energy independence.   We see commercial biodiesel processors that cost as much as the vehicle being fueled, back up power supplies that are pricey but lacking in capability, and devices that for all intents and purposes are really just novelty items when it comes to a practical standpoint.  Our devices are simple in that they can be produced from commonly available materials, many of which a tinkerer may already have laying around, which further lowers the overall cost of these devices.  Our goal is to allow the common man the chance to get into the alternative energy game like the big dogs without losing his shirt by providing the information necessary to create something from nothing.

The Power Cart

To keep ourselves and our followers from getting too bored, we have to come up wiht some simple things to build that can tap into our inner desire to throw something downrange really fast, in this case, PVC spud guns.  While not the monstrous PVC bazookas that most are familiar with when they hear the term "spud gun", these guns are small and simple enough for anyone to build and use just about anywhere and not waste a lot of money on ammo either.  Instead of wasting sacks of food, you can shoot blowdarts or even smaller chunks of spuds if you so desire.  These guns allow you to customize the type of ammo that you choose to shoot, making for a fun afternoon of shooting stuff.  Our plans will show you how to build these simple spud guns from common PVC pipe and other hardware found at any big box hardware store.  The simplicity of these guns also allows for customization and modification so the sky's the limit when it comes to designs of these guns.  Our plans are merely a starting point.

The Diaphragm Valve Spud Pistol


The Trimaran Kayak aka "Tri-Yak"

After working with automobiles for so long the fires were re lit for our interest in taking to the water, but due to the high costs of getting into boating with commercially built boats, or even with what would amount to traditionally home built boats, we decided to spread our improvisation philosophy into the world of boatbuilding just as well, using readily available and low cost materials to build boats that will serve us well in all we may do on the water.  Our main interest is in small boats, the ones you would take on local waterways, small trailerable boats that can be stored behind the house and launched for a day of sailing then trailered back home again.  We try to overengineer our designs so that if we really wanted to, we can put these boats on open water and be comfortable knowing that the boat will hold its own and get us back to land with no problems.  If you're interested in boating but just don't have the money to buy a commercially built boat, check out our work.

When you want something built right, build it yourself.