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The Improvisation Center

Welcome to the wide world of homemade stuff!!

Welcome to the Improvisation Center.  On this website we will feature different projects that we are working on around the homestead to further our goal of self sufficiency, as well as a little fun.  Also you can visit our store, where we provide a line of homemade/improvised products for utility and outright fun.  We sell plans for building many items that are featured and completed variants of our smaller products.  We will be adding to our inventory periodically as our R&D continues on, plus more pages will come to be as we work on more projects or further some existing ones.  We are always on the search for a cheap way to build different devices, utilizing off the shelf and salvaged components.
The Improvisation Center exhibits that time honored tradition of building your own gadgets/toys/utility devices out of commonly available items that may be normally discarded by most individuals.  Part of our R&D is from just simply looking around at items that are lying around in our junk pile and just coming up with something to do with them.  A lot of times we may acquire items for no cost that can be utilized in a different manner than what they were intended for.  While we are not inventing all new devices, our plans and kits and completed devices are examples of the Po' Man's way; using whats available to build something for your own recreation or utility out of whatever is available at little or no cost.
Sometimes one may want to have a certain item or device that is far out of reach of their financial abilities.  By utilizing simple plans, one can build an alternative to paying high prices for a commercial version of a particular item, plus they will get to have the satisfaction of knowing that they didn't just merely buy the item, but actually built it with their own two hands.  There is always a level of satisfaction using a device that you made yourself, compared to a commercial item, an item that has no real feeling, no personality.  
From everything to PVC spud guns and blowguns to manuals on building gokarts or a camper shell for your pickup truck bed, the Improvisation Center has something to turn a boring weekend into a fun filled day or homemade fun!  So sit back, make a run through the pages, and enjoy all that is the Improvisation Center!

When you want something built right, build it yourself.