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Our Policies & Disclaimer

Please read the disclaimer and other ordering instructions prior to making a purchase decision.


Due to the fact that these devices are homemade from off the shelf components, you must understand that I am not responsible for any actions that the buyer may conduct with these devices or the consequences that may result from negligent use of these devices.  Also since one cannot be supervised during construction of any of these devices let alone use of these devices, it is the buyer's-your responsibility to use these devices in a responsible manner and not take any chances that may jeopardize the device or yourself.  If you do not want to accept responsibility then do not purchase anything from this site.  Also some of our products may not be welcome in certain areas (spud guns) so check your state & local laws concerning the use of these items.  Also to purchase any projectile throwers you must be 18 years of age, same as with buying any paintball/air guns.  Remember, C.Y.A.!!

Ordering & Returns

To order, just email us with a list of the items that you want, with their item numbers and prices.  We will email you back with the total with shipping then send a check, MO or pay through paypal to the same email address.  Manuals on CD are typically shipped out through USPS media mail (cheapest) and larger items go through parcel post, unless otherwise specified.  Obviously faster shipping methods will cost more, so if you desire faster shipping, be sure to notify us in the email so we can give you the proper shipping cost. 
There are no returns on any products, just exchanges.  With media its obvious why there's no returns.  As for finished products, since these are homemade, we would not be able to tell when someone negligently used the thing resulting in damage, or may have bought the thing specifically to dissect it to copy it themselves then return it.  So to be safe, exchanges only.  Items will be requested to be returned to our shipping address postage paid by sender, and upon receipt, a new item will be sent out if the old one cannot be repaired. 

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

When you want something built right, build it yourself.