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About Us

This store was started from the desire to take an enjoyable hobby to the next level and share our love for improvised devices and gadgets with everybody.  We are here to show you that recreational and utilitarian items do not have to be complex and expensive, but instead are simple low cost items which their construction is from low cost readily available materials.

Our Driving Force

We are here to provide you with a product that you will enjoy for years to come.   Give them to someone in your life that enjoys playing with things that reflects what it is about to have recreational items made from the heart for the enjoyment of all that use them, or just use these items and plans to make the things that you would enjoy having for your own personal entertainment and utility.  Through us, you can bring back the days of traditional old fashioned improvisation and just building things with your own two hands.

The Workforce

Our workforce consists of my wife and I, both of us are big in the self sufficiency and improvisation ideals and although we are young, we have a good record of improvising things and are constantly working towards our goal to be as self sufficient as possible.  As we get older, we still continue to build things from scratch and research more improvised and homemade items for the enjoyment of knowing that we took the time to build them with their bare hands.

Our Company

Our company is run out of the comfort of our own home.  We work on most of the devices and plans that we provide for you during our spare time and then provide our customers the chance to purchase these products at low prices. 

Our Shop

Our shop is whereever we feel is the most motivating location to conduct our work.  We have a work table that we use for most of our work, but we may take our work with us on our travels or just take our work into the great outdoors to enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside while making the things that we sell.  We have our tools and supplies on hand to take with us whereever we may go.  We are strictly a small mom and pop operation, in business because we both love building things with our own bare hands.

Contact us here

When you want something built right, build it yourself.