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Remington Model 41 .22 Rifle

New for the firearms section of The Improvisation Center website will be reviews on certain firearms that we feel have a very useful place in any prepper's "tool" box.  We won't go into battle guns or so called "assault" weapons because it seems like everybody and their brother grabs these.  We're looking at guns that have a more utilitarian purpose other than obliterating multiple targets.  Not that there's no place for such weapons in a prepper's arsenal, but we're focusing on the general survival aspect of firearms. 
Enter the Remington Model 41 single shot bolt action .22 rifle.  I recently acquired this little oldie from a gun show not too long ago after seeing reviews of single shot .22's in the Backwoodsman Magazine, which specializes in modern day pioneer and minimalist living. 
Most would ask, "why a single shot .22, of all the guns to ever want?".  Well here's the thing; while most people have semi auto guns with high cap magazines and end up having to stock up beau coup ammo to feed them due to the idea that with the capability of those guns comes the lack of fire discipline many times, a single shot firearm forces you to become more disciplined in your shooting.  You make your shots count.  Also if you're the type of prepper/survivalist that just can't bring yourself to fire on humans and may situate yourself where the likelihood of hostile human contact will be slim, you may just want the bare minimum for food procurement. 
In this case the Remington Model 41 fits the bill for a weapon that can be used for all small game hunting with limited self defense use.  This rifle is a single shot bolt action, as mentioned previously.  The rifle's utility increases with the fact that it can shoot everything from .22 LR all the way down.  In this case, you can shoot .22 shorts, subsonics, etc.  If you don't want to waste a full power LR for dispatching a rat or a pigeon, a .22 short can be employed.  This also means that for those people who plan on being nomads after the shit hits the fan, you'll be able to use any .22 ammo found in abandoned stores or what not. 
The technical details of this gun are pretty small and simple.  While this gun is a bolt action, its a simple single shot, and the firing pin needs to be cocked after closing the bolt.  This serves somewhat as a safety since you can keep the gun loaded and cock it only when ready to actually fire.  The gun does eject spent cartridges like any other weapon so reloads are pretty fast. 
Because this rifle has a pretty long barrel, it is very accurate even with iron sights.  I was able to hit target CD's with the iron sights out as far as 40 yards with the gun.  I figured that CD's would be good simulations of the small game that would be hunted with this gun, rabbits, squirrels, etc.  Under many circumstances you may be able to get in closer to some targets and score a killshot if you're a seasoned hunter. 
Because this weapon is a single shot, it restricts your rate of fire down to that of a muzzleloader.  If you were bugging out, you may be able to get away with just having a few boxes of .22's, knowing that the only time you're going to shoot is when you need to hunt that little bunny or squirrel you spot on your travels. 
For some people in post Crash scenario, a gun like this and a couple of boxes of .22's can spell the difference between feeding your family and starving.  Part of being a minimalist is being able to get by with the bare minimum, and in this case firearms are not an exception.  If you're traveling light on the trail, then traveling light when it comes to your firearm also applies. 
Overall, I am satisfied with the Remington Model 41 rifle.  It makes an excellent training rifle for children and adults new to firearms and makes a good minimalist weapon for those who like taking to the bush or may be planning on being prepared for any situation.

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