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1969 Mustang 6 Cylinder Econo-Hot Rod

Building The Car

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For the longest while I've been interested in building an EV.  I just liked the idea of a full sized car that operated like an RC car, off of batteries.  Now for those of you who have been following the progress of our previous Po' Man's EV, you'll know that we were using this old 69 Mustang as the basis of the EV.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances regarding our primary vehicle being wrecked and the need to get as many cars in our fleet up and running as soon as possible, we've decided to make a few changes with regards to how each vehicle is going to be powered.  The decision was to remove the EV stuff from the Mustang and instead install a Ford 200ci inline 6 cylinder engine with a C4 automatic transmission into the engine bay and set the car back up to operate as a regular combustion engine powered car.  As for the EV idea, all of the hardware will be installed in our 69 Falcon chassis and it will become the new Po' Man's EV.  But as for the Mustang, its going to become a 6 cylinder slightly modified performance econo-street car. 

On this site we will document the reconstruction of the Mustang into an combustion powered car, installing the 6 cylinder engine/transmission combo and getting everything hooked back up, as well as the performance modifications that will be made to the engine to give it a performance advantage over stock 6 cylinder engines.  We will be focusing on getting all of the mechanical aspects of the car taken care of first and then concentrating on the cosmetic aspects afterward when the car is finally on the road.  When we're done, this car should be able to achieve modern car fuel economy while still having the capability to run by many cars on the street.


A shot of the car in its advanced construction stages, it is looking much better now, even though there is still an attractive side to an old beater looking car like this. 

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips.

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